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  • Welcome to Hinano


    Burgers and beers at the beach...

    pool tables   pool tables

    Oh- and frosty mugs, free popcorn, pool tables, live bands and college / NFL cable sports package.

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    Hinano Cafe

    A Venice Beach institution since 1969 (just ask Jim Morrison).

  • Hungry?


    We're here for you, people...

    chili and grilled cheese   tunameltWhether it's our world-famous hamburger, the chili and grilled cheese or a tuna melt.

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    Hinano Burger

    What more is there to say? Well, there's our breakfast menu...

  • Get to Hinano



    Hinano is easy to get to once you're on the Westside of L.A. — which everyone knows how to find thanks to The Californians.

    HOURS: 8am to 2am, 7-days-a-week.

    DIRECTIONS: Just come west on Washington Blvd all the way to the beach. Still need help?

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    Car: Washington Blvd to the beach.

    Bike: Beach bike path to Venice pier.

    Surfboard: Catch wave. Order beer.

  • Live Music


    Weekends at Hinano

    music at hinano   music at hinano

    Come down to the beach for great live L.A. bands, beers and burgers.

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    Yes, We Rock

    It's more than a feeling every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at Hinano.

  • Every picture…


    music at hinano   pool tables

    pool tables   pool tables

    Photo Albums
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    Tells a Story

    Hinano through the years, friends, vintage snaps, burgers we've eaten, etc...

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    Women’s Hinano Cafe Tee(1/6)

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    Women's Hinano Cafe Tee (Baby-doll)

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    Look Sharp

    Already have a Hinano tee? Now you know where to snag another one. You're welcome.